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About us

We analyze online customer behavior and study how online commerce operators can make optimal offers to visiting customers. To this end, we collect and analyze user behavior as well as price comparisons and user reviews for shopping through commerce sites and social networks.

What CUZ360 is ...

Most online sites use Google Analytics to analyze customer behavior.

However, Google doesn't solve the following problems.
- Real-time data
- Raw data, not sampling (GA360 paid)

For this reason, GA regular users
-Failure to take ownership of data
-Relying on sampled statistical data
-Due to this, deep dive customer analysis incorporating real-time marketing utilization and their CRM, etc.
cannot be performed.

CUZ360 is a service that helps site operators use richer GA by collecting and processing real-time data and raw data not provided by Google Analytics service in real time through Google Analytics plugin.

Cuz360 is not a substitute for Google Analytics. It is not only an alternative to the above problem, but also a Google add-on service that allows you to better use GA.

Google Analytics Raw Data Tracking

Collects the behavior of site visitors through the Google Analytics plugin. We collect the same data that Google sends through your browser.


The information GA sends through the browser is limited and that alone is not so useful. The final data is created by enriching data process in a similar way to Google processing on the server side.

Get data ownership

GA data is stored in storage for Big Query in Google Cloud. In addition, to use that data, you'll need to purchase the paid GA360. Take the analytics raw data processed by Cuz360 in your own datahouse or data lake.

On-Time, On-Site Sales Marketing

Cuz360 creates a user profile based on the user behavior information collected in real-time, and generates recommended information based on the information users are interested in and purchase. Based on these, you can create a function that helps customers with real-time sales..

What we offer

If you are running e-commerce and want to provide in-depth analysis to your customers, and if you are preparing a customer data platform (CDP) for analysis, consider Cuz360.

What customer says

It is said that data is important, but not many organizations analyze the data itself. Let's listen to the sound of the field..

Contact us

Anyone using Google Analytics can use this service. The closed beta service is currently in progress. Please apply.

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